China Visa Requirements

Embassy Address:

Plot 2&4, Road No. 3 Block-1, Baridhara

Phone: (+88) 02-882-4862

Fax: (+88) 02-882-3004




Basic Documents

  • Valid passport with a validity of at least eight (08) months, including an old passport if available.
  • Visiting Card.
  • Two recent photographs taken within the last 3 months (white background only, passport size).
  • Bank Statements of the last six months with a bank solvency certificate (last balance 3,00,000+).
  • Tin Certificate.


For Business Person

  • Renewal Trade license copy with notary public (English Translated).
  • Memorandum for Limited Company.
  • The blank page of the office pad.


For Job Holder

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC).
  • Office ID Copy Both Sides.
  • BMDC certificate for Doctor.
  • BAR Council Certificate for Advocate.


For Student

  • Student ID card Photo Copy Both sides.
  • Birth Certificate (Only for Child & Infant).



  • Marriage Certificate Copy (For family application only).


Visa Types

  • Single Entry, First Time for First World Visited in last 2 years
  • Single Entry, Previous 3 Country Visited (interview)
  • Single Entry, Previous China Visited
  • Double Entry, Previous China Visited
  • China 1 (one) year multiple entry


Special Note:

Once the application has gone online, interview submission time will be provided by the Embassy.

After providing biometric data, delivery time for the passport will be 10 to 12 working days.

Biometric data is required only for a 1-year multiple visa.

The visa rate can be changed without prior notice.

The client needs to provide an interview at the Embassy or Online after being informed by the Embassy.